Artwork created by Heather Vaughan

Roll20Con is back for it’s 7th year in a row which means we get some exciting content throughout October.

Throughout the month, we’re expecting some freebies from the site and their publishing partners. We’ve been told to check in every week for new offers! The first of their offers being the silent mystery RPG, Alice is Missing.

You can claim the module for free here on Roll20, and can also buy it to support the creators.

Like previous years, Roll20 will also have days with some actual plays of games, which will be October 21st until October 23rd this year. These highlight the community, along with new adventures and allows Roll20 users to claim promo-content from the Marketplace with a discount!

Roll20 have also announced that they will be continuing to support Roll vs Evil in order to support people in Ukraine. I recommend taking a look for yourself, and seeing what you can do to contribute in these trying times.

To keep updated with this all, Roll20 will continue to post news here. Don’t forget to check back regularly for the Marketplace content!