Let’s talk about the new Character Enhancements

As of September 21st 2022, Roll20 made a change as to how to configure tokens for their VTT.

One of the changes includes players now being able to add their own images from their Art Library, rather than the DM using their Art Library.

This will help the DM save on that precious Roll20 space, so that they can use their assets on what matters.

Players can’t drag and drop art straight onto the VTT screen however, only the DM has that power. Which makes sense, since the screen would become total chaos.

In addition to this, they’ve added handy buttons underneath the default token icon. These buttons have information pop-ups on them, explaining what each do in depth.

I find the new layout to fit nicely with the old UI as well. It slots just underneath and actually fills some previously void space.

It’s not an eye-sore and feels like an addition that makes sense for the more user-friendly direction Roll20 is going with.

The addition of more detailed information helps people who aren’t aware of this change to learn about it quickly too. Much like many of their current changes, Roll20 is doing them quietly, but it positively adds to the quality of life of the VTT.

If you want to check out the full changelog, it’s here for your viewing pleasure, but it’s not extensive since it’s just a small change.